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Do the different "lasts" that you mention fit differently?

Yes. Each last has a distinctive shape and fitting characteristic. As described below:

As a general note, we suggest you opt for the size you wear in athletic shoes for Hound & Hammer. Shoes that are a tad large can be fitted with our extra complimentary insoles. (This is much better than ordering a shoe that is too small that can damage your arch and toes)

VALOR last - styles: Ronan and Gunnar
This is our snuggest fitting last. Meant to wear with a lighter weight sock. Your foot will feel most of this shoe. Order the usual size you wear for athletic shoes. If you are in between sizes or have a wide foot, order one half-size up. 

ALLEGIANCE last - style: Maddox
This last has a long toebox (area from ball of foot to end of toe). If you have a narrow or low volume foot, you may find yourself sliding forward in the front of the shoe. In this case, simply insert the extra complimentary insole to add volume. Meant to wear with medium weight socks.

RAMBLER last - styles: Grover and Ferris
Our roomiest last. Best worn with medium to heavy-weight sock. This last has a broad, high-volume toe character – lots of wiggle-room for your toes. Voted “most comfortable” by our focus groups. Fits true to length; again low-volume wearers may benefit from the added insole.