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Do your shoes run "true to size"?

Short answer: YES, they do. Our shoes are made with lasts (the form that creates the shape of the shoe) that have measurements (length and girth) true to accepted American size standards.

Long answer: “True to size” for some can be a more elusive concept. In your own closet you may own shoes in three different sizes! A quick search of the internet brings up conflicting charts and measurements on every site you visit. Which one is “true”? To simplify we suggest that “true to size” is the size that usually fits you…and that is the size you shoul

Do the different "lasts" that you mention fit differently?

Yes. Each last has a distinctive shape and fitting characteristic. As described below:

Valor Last - Styles: Ronan And Gunnar 
This Is Our Snuggest Fitting Last – With A Sleeker, Dressier Feel. Meant To Wear With A Lighter Weight Sock. Order The Usual Size You Wear For Athletic Shoes. If You Are In Between Sizes Or Have A Wide Foot, Order One Half-Size Up.


Alliance Last - Style: Maddox, Maddox 2
This Last Has A Long Toebox (Area From Ball Of Foot To End Of Toe). If You Have A Narrow Or Low Volume Foot, You May Find Yourself Sliding Forward In The Front Of The Shoe. In This Case, Simply Insert The Extra Complimentary Insole To Add Volume. Meant To Wear With Medium Weight Socks.


Rambler Last - Styles: Grover, Ferris, Cooper, Grover Vegan
Best Worn With Medium To Heavy-Weight Sock, This Last Has A Roomy, Rounded High-Volume Toe Character – Voted “Most Comfortable” By Our Focus Groups! Definitely True To Size, Some Low-Volume Feet May Benefit From The Added Insole.


Spirit Last - Style: Wallace
A Squared-Off Toebox Gives This Last A Distictive Look And A Ridiculously Comfortable Fit. True To Size. Medium Weight Socks Or No Socks At All After An Afternoon Surf Session!

I wear a half-size larger in my athletic shoes than I do in my dress shoes…what size boots should I order?

We recommend (and our customers have overwhelmingly confirmed!) that you order your Hound & Hammer boots in the larger size - same as your favorite athletic shoes. If the shoes are a bit roomy, you can always add the extra Ortholite insoles that we include with each purchase.
*The exception to this note is the style Maddox 2. Due to the longer toe-box and “Chelsea” style (elastic instead of lacing) we recommend that you size down if you are in between sizes.

I ordered the size shoe I usually wear, but they fit tight, do I need a larger size?

Probably not!  You know when you first opened your Hound & Hammer box and saw that pair of  extra “Ortholite” removable insoles sitting on top of your boots?  Well those are “extra” insoles and most wearers with medium to medium-wide feet won’t need to use them!   Your boots are manufactured with a full padded insole already installed and, unless you have a more narrow or low volume foot, will probably fit great without adding this extra insole.  So if you inserted those insoles and find the boots now feel a bit tight, pull ‘em back out and chances are the boots will now fit just fine.  But don’t throw them out!  Those insoles would cost you up to $10 at the store!  Keep them and throw them in an old pair of sneakers to give them a few months new life, or give them to your kid brother with the skinny feet!

Do you have a size conversion chart?

Yes, we do:

Where are the shoes made?

The concepts and designs begin in our office in Los Angeles, California. This first collection of Hound & Hammer shoes is produced in an artisan factory in New Delhi, India. We selected this manufacturer for its particular expertise in men’s leather casuals, and the many hand-processes required in the production of our shoes.

 What is inside the shoes?

The interior of each of these styles is fully lined with glove-soft leather. We use a full grain leather, not a split or pig leather. Soft to the touch, naturally permeable and temperature controlling, this is the gold-standard of lining materials and seldom seen in footwear selling under $200.

Additionally…Each shoe comes with a removable Ortholite open cell polyurethane insole footbed –covered with the same glove leather!

The exception to this is, of course, any of our “vegan” collection shoes. Currently the Grover “Vegan” style, is lined with a soft canvas twill lining.

 What makes your business model different?

No middlemen. That’s the difference. Traditional supply chains typically include agents, trading companies and wholesalers, each link in the chain taking an increasing chunk of profit. We buy direct from factory and sell direct to you, the consumer. No one else involved. This allows us to build a better, upgraded product and still deliver it to you for less.

The other benefit to eliminating the middlemen is that we can afford to do our part to lift up the quality of life of the factory workers that work so hard to manufacture our shoes…we have instituted an employee fund distributed directly to these workers -- based on each pair of Hound & Hammer shoe produced.

Is adding my phone number required at checkout, why?

Yes, unfortunately our carriers require this for some of our shipments, rest assured your number will only ever be used to process your shipment!

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Some important things to note…

The chart below is recognized as the the most accurate conversion chart available